Monday, May 29, 2006

Worth Quoting III

Mais uma da série "Você não vai ver isso por aqui". Jack Cashill, autor de

Hoodwinked : How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked American Culture, em entrevista à Front Page Magazine:

(...)"FP: Give us a few words about what you discovered about Ward Churchill, Rigoberta Menchu, Margaret Sanger and Alfred Kinsley.

Cashill: I discovered that serious intellectual fraud is a collaborative process. In Sanger's case, the cultural establishment has conspired to suppress her full-throated support for a brand of eugenics that makes the Nazis look weak at the knees. Her writings are kept alive only by her opponents. In Kinsey's case, just as his child torture experiments were becoming well-known, Hollywood circled the wagon with the hagiography, "Kinsey." The Nobel Prize committee refuses to take back Menchu's Prize even after it learns that her autobiography was falsified from beginning to end, and it served no purpose but to prolong a useless civil war. Churchill's case shows just how intellectually bankrupt is the American university. He was promoted to department chair after his "Little Eichmanns" screed. And even after many of his writings have proved as false as his Indian identity, his colleagues continue to rally around him.

FP: Can you tell us a bit about Kinsey’s child torture experiments?

Cashill: There is no evidence that Kinsey himself was a pedophile as his defenders are at pains to point out. There is no denying, however, that he encouraged pedophiles to perform sexual experiments on children as young as two months and instructed them in the kind of data he wanted. His breakthrough book, The Sexual History of the Human Male, openly charts the experiments on at least 600 boys. Kinsey also knowingly skewed the statistics he gathered to make his own homosexuality and masochism seem more normative.

FP: And this guy is venerated by the Left? Are there any leftists that have come out and condemned Kinsey for this sexual abuse of young boys? Can you tell us a bit about his masochism? I remember reading that this guy put metal wires up his urethra. What was wrong with him do you think?

Cashill: Oddly enough, Kinsey was an anti-communist Republican, the one Republican in the last century that the Left has embraced and, not coincidentally, the only one I know who routinely stuck hairbrushes (yikes!) up his penis. He was a sick pup. He likely had some father issues. There is no criticism of Kinsey from the Left. None. The Left has, however, savaged Kinsey's critics like Judith Reisman. Since she is of Jewish descent, the Left has had to denounce her as "a tool of the Christian right."

FP: Out of everyone you studied, who would you say was/is the most wretched human being? Why?

Cashill: The winner here is Walter Duranty, the New York Times reporter who knowingly concealed the Stalin terror-famine that left some seven million of his fellow citizens dead. Duranty did not even have the excuse of sincerity. He had gotten mixed up in the "Paris Workings," a fashionable series of black masses on the eve of World War I, and lost whatever faith he had. From that point on, he did as he pleased. Appropriately, his book about this era is titled, "I write as I please." He still has his Pulitzer for his Moscow reporting and is still honored in the Times' Hall of Heroes, a reality that appalled even Jayson Blair".(...)


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