Monday, February 13, 2006

Worth quoting

extraído do site do articulista e historiador australiano Keith Windschuttle :

Pipes believes its [Communism's] failure was inevitable both because its quest for an egalitarian society required an oppressive master-class whose privilege rendered equality impossible, and because nationalism is a much stronger force than class solidarity. I would add a third reason: Marx was an intellectual crook, who faked, bent, or suppressed evidence to suit his preconceived conclusions. His theory was thus inherently wrong and was certain to fail when put into practice. Not least, Marx's dishonesty deceived all his followers about the wealth-creating power and protean resilience of market capitalism, which thus "buried" Communism, not the other way round. It is worth noting, because it explains so much, that Communism and capitalism are not polarities. Communism is the application of an artificial man-made ideology. Capitalism is not an "ism" at all but a natural process which tends to occur at a certain point of human development, thereafter updating itself from time to time, as survival dictates. Darwin can tell us more about it than Marx.

-- Paul Johnson, reviewing Richard Pipes, Communism: A Brief History, in Times Literary Supplement, January 18 2002, p 11


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